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We have adopted a word.

Our word is the starting point for everything we do as people and as an organisation. It’s a word that first and foremost keeps us focused on our purpose. While engaging with people it’s the purpose within our word that demonstrates our culture. Here’s a question: If you, were


Visual Content Marketing Tips From Photographers

The methods brands use in order to stand out in a crowd of competition vary from business to business. As photographers and videographers, everything we do hinges on the power of visual communication, which is why visual content marketing is the method most opted for to

How Brands and Photographers Work To Attract Consumers

Working together, brands and photographers can form a cohesive story that helps consumers find the solution to their needs. Photographers have always played a vital role in communicating messages visually. Brands and businesses align their efforts with photographers to bring more colour, emotion and personality to their marketing

The Stories That Industrial Photography Reveal

Industrial photography is one of the less popular types of professional photography, but that doesn't make it any less intriguing and exciting, as it's an absolute fascinating sector of photography to get into. Many photographers opt for the fairy tale photo opportunities, such as weddings and lively

2017 In The Life Of Pro Photographers

It's true when we say there is never a dull moment when it comes to the life of our pro photographers. Even when the shoot is over we get all excited about going into post-production to see what images best captured the brief for our

The Role Images Play In Advertising

What is advertising without imagery? What is a billboard without the high resolution photograph that accompanies it? Copy can sell products easily, but there is something about the emotion, colour, vibrancy and captured moment in time that only a photograph can possess. Since the dawn

Stylish Afternoon

How Professional Photographers Put Their Subjects At Ease

There is an art to professional photography as much as there is an art to dealing with human subjects in your photographic work. Taking photos of inanimate objects takes time, patience, lighting, the correct approach, the right angle and a winning composition. The same applies

The Art Of Conference Photography

Conference photography brings out the best in photographers who are driven to create magical images in every situation. It requires a skilled photographer who can multitask and plan exceptionally well as larger conferences often have loads of elements to capture as well as multiple briefs running concurrently. When