We have adopted a word.
eimage has selected a word to define its purpose and that word is Professionalism
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We have adopted a word.

Our word is the starting point for everything we do as people and as an organisation.

It’s a word that first and foremost keeps us focused on our purpose.

While engaging with people it’s the purpose within our word that demonstrates our culture.

Here’s a question:

If you, were to choose a word that encapsulates your image creation specialist, what would it be?

I know, I know it’s painfully obvious!

eimage - Professionalism

eimage has adopted the word “Professionalism”

You probably wondering why an image creation business might bother with exploring the English language for a word, especially since visuals should be our avenue for communication.

It all started with a hot tip from Joe Public’s founder Pepe Marais around adopting a word, which in turn inspired questions;

How do we distinguish ourselves in the market?

As always, we had camera bags full of exuberant answers like it’s definitely our creativity, no it’s because we have fabulous gear, no it’s because we have all these years of collective experience, or it’s because we a one-stop-shop, people like us,  Blablabla!   Our answers were underwhelming, to say the least.

Golden Sandton Panoramic

Drone image of South African financial hub Sandton

This encouraged a deeper question – Why are we in this market?

As Simon Sinek would tell you so eloquently, it all starts with your WHY!

And that’s when it hit us!

If you formalised your hobby by becoming certified,

If you spend every waking hour of the day striving to improve,

If you apply that ambition to every avenue of your image creation process,

If you enquire and learn as you create,

If your daily ambition is to capture something truly captivating,

If you look at fellow creators work in awe

You’ll be a Professional my friend (sounds a little like Rudyard Kipling…wink, wink)


Professionalism encapsulates who we are, how we approach every aspect of our daily operations, how we energise our creativity and it’s driving change in our people and the clients we serve.


Professionalism drives our behaviour, focuses our purpose and demonstrates our culture.


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