How Brands and Photographers Work To Attract Consumers
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How Brands and Photographers Work To Attract Consumers

How Brands and Photographers Work To Attract Consumers

Working together, brands and photographers can form a cohesive story that helps consumers find the solution to their needs.

Brand working with photographers to help consumers

Photographers have always played a vital role in communicating messages visually. Brands and businesses align their efforts with photographers to bring more colour, emotion and personality to their marketing campaigns, bringing stories to life and helping consumers find the answers they’re looking for. This has been a business relationship that has stood the test of time, but as we head further into a customer-driven environment, more responsibility is being handed to professional photographers to help communicate what needs to be said.

Advertising agencies and marketing companies are offering photographers more of a say in how to communicate their brand messages more effectively through the visual medium. This is an obvious honour for the photographer involved in the campaign, but it also requires that the photographer has the relevant experience in conceptualising ideas and seeing them through to fruition. The role of the professional photographer in this brand building exercise is also to understand fully what the brand needs to communicate and to find a creative way of visually capturing exactly that.

Brand working with photographers to help consumers

From social media marketing to email drips, media campaigns, print marketing, billboards and digital content marketing; photographers are leading the way for brands who need to captivate their audiences in the space of seconds.

As per a range of visual content statistics found on Hubspot:

“Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than any other type of content.” Source – Buffer

Knowing how your craft can affect people comes from years of experience in the game. It comes from criticisms and praises, it comes from insights gathered on prior campaigns and feedback offered by clients or consumers. It’s this knowledge that can be taken and applied to the demographic you’re trying to reach when setting up a brand campaign. When trying to get into the mind of the consumer, you have to consider all of the information that has come before and led to that point. You need to use that information to guide your next campaign.

How photographers and brands are working together to attract consumers

Relevance is the key when creating content that consumers will notice and engage with. This is especially true for social media. When brands use regurgitated imagery that isn’t really suited to the content at hand, but it kind of matches it, they are shooting themselves in the foot. By getting a photographer to work with them to create the right kind of imagery that is 100% resonant with their content plan and ideas, brands are creating a unique experience for their consumers.

“Facebook posts with images see 2.3 times more engagement than posts without images.” Source – Buzzsumo

Authentic, unique content speaks volumes when placed in front of consumers. Stock-standard images that are used all over the web and other marketing materials won’t tell the same story that a specifically created visual journey will. When a collaboration between the brand and photographer exists, the result is something that stops you in your tracks – even if just for a second. It’s a moment in time that you will notice, that you will feel and that will communicate with you.

How are your brand stories being told? 

Collaborate with us and start the right kind of conversation among your consumers.