The Role Of Photography In Corporate Social Investment
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The Role Of Photography In Corporate Social Investment

The Role Of Photography In Corporate Social Investment

The Role Of Photography In Corporate Social Investment | eimageAlmost all businesses worth their salt have some form of social initiatives that they dedicate themselves to. Each is different, but the idea behind them is the same: selfless dedication to the betterment of the lives of others less fortunate than ourselves. Some call it Corporate Social Initiatives or Corporate Social Investment (CSI), others call it Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Whichever way you phrase it, it should be part and parcel of every company’s attempts to improve their standings at the same time as improving the standards of living for their surrounding communities.

The Drive Behind Corporate Social Responsibility

Masimba Sasa - eimage PhotographerEngaging in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives has a dual benefit. It can be a means to enhance the ratings on your B-BBEE scorecard through regulatory compliance, but this is not the primary driver for the majority of businesses. According to a study conducted by CSI specialists, Tshikululu, most businesses understand that in order to succeed, the communities in which they operate also need to thrive. This lends itself to the introduction of affirming social activities within local communities in order to assure the growth and benefit for both the communities and the business involved.

A study conducted over a decade ago by The Case Foundation very clearly stated that businesses involved in corporate responsibility initiatives were viewed more favourably as “good corporate citizens”. If a choice were to be made between two equal businesses, the one displaying a human connection to its surrounding community would almost always be viewed as the better option.

Painting The Picture Of Exceptional CSI

Masimba Sasa | eimage Photographer | eimagePeople connect to human experience and there is no better way to paint this picture than with quality imagery. Some CSI work may take businesses into impoverish areas where daily scenes of life are difficult to take in, but this is why the representation of these moments is vital. It’s only through the discomfort of seeing how others live that we can truly understand our privilege and use it for doing good, and its this that spurs the most heartfelt ideas for ways that we can improve the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Being able to capture the work you do within these communities is also an important assist to the work itself. Great motivation comes from being able to visually see how your efforts have positively impacted the areas of your focus over the years, and that is true humility and gratification in their most raw and real form.

Photographic Reminder Of Great Work

We always speak about doing great work within a business sense, but social responsibility forms the most important work that shouldn’t be overlooked. Dedication to humanitarian activities and simple acts of kindness are essential to growing a mindset of care and consideration for others and this is a legacy we need to remember as our businesses move through years of service in our fields. As our beloved Madiba once said, “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”

A visual legacy leaves a tangible imprint for future employees, long after the work has been done, hopefully inspiring them to take the lead for future endeavours that will positively impact the communities around them.

What constitutes your Corporate Social Investment and how do you capture it? Our CSI photography services offer you the ideal opportunity to immortalise this important work for future generations of employees.

Fill in your details and we’ll call you back to discuss how we can create your own visual legacy of the great things your business is doing in CSI.