Five Best Practice Tips For Great Event Photography
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Five Best Practice Tips For Great Event Photography

Five Best Practice Tips For Great Event Photography

Event photography is an intricate art that involves many years of practice and perfection to get the right results. Any event photographer worth their salt will tell you that they are constantly learning and evolving with their craft and that each event brings new challenges and new opportunities for growth. Going into it with an ego and attitude will prevent you from picking up on your mistakes and areas for improvement. But if you’re open to learning and receiving advice, you might benefit from these five best practice tips for great event photography:

1. Map Out The Event Before You Get There

If you have an opportunity to visit the event venue before the big day, then do it. Go there on your own steam and suss out the area as well as where all the action will be taking place. You need to know what areas will be the best for your photographic needs so that you can produce the best end result. It’s also wise to find out where you can store your gear while you’re there to ensure that nothing goes amiss while you’re working.

2. Find Out What Is Required Of You Before You Arrive

Often the client will have a few ideas in mind about what they want from your professional services as an event photographer. This can range from ensuring there is a shot taken of each attendee down to capturing wide shots of the venue and group shots of each table. Speak to the client beforehand (not five minutes before you’re due to start, pencil it in a few days prior to the event) and make sure you allocate enough time to tick off each item on the brief.

3. Double Check The Lighting And Set Up On Arrival

Yes, you’ve already done this but now that the event has arrived and the people will too, you need to double check the lighting in all areas you’ll be working to make sure that you have adequate light for optimal photos. Rather take your time with this before you begin to make sure that each photograph taken after that will be smooth sailing.

4. Blend In

You don’t want to be the main focus of the event and you don’t want to disrupt whatever it going on, so make sure you blend in with your surroundings. Dress appropriately and according to the theme and don’t interrupt conversations to get decent shots. Be as inconspicuous as you can and take advantage of this to get the candid, free and untainted shots that create a real feel for the event. For group photos and those of individual guests, be polite and wait for an appropriate time to approach the people involved.

5. Finish Up Professionally

Once you’re done with your event, make sure you finish up professionally. Tidy up the areas where you were working, don’t leave any litter or paraphernalia lying around and remove any trace that you were even there. Approach the client once you’re ready to leave and thank them for the opportunity. Let them know what the process will be following the event until they can expect their prints or files for review. Say your good byes and be gone! Leaving a positive impression is a lasting impression that will also put you in good stead for future work or referrals.

Stay tuned for more awesome professional photography advice, or you can pop us a line if you’re interested in working with us in this space.