Difference Between Unique And Average Portrait Photography
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Difference Between Unique And Average Portrait Photography

Difference Between Unique And Average Portrait Photography

Difference Between Unique And Average Portrait PhotographyPortrait photography can come across as a simple form of photography, but in order to capture the personality of the subject there is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into it. As much as you’d want to think that it’s simple to capture a portrait photograph that is mesmerising and memorable, it’s not that easy. These are only a few of the elements that our team of professional photographers consider when shooting the ultimate portrait photograph.

Choose Your Location

Each portrait photograph taken needs to maintain a specific mood and one of the contributing elements to ensuring this is choosing the optimal location. We’ve included two examples here that display completely different atmospheres. The studio portrait is a great option for businesses wanting to convey an air of sleek professionalism, while the environmental portrait is still professional, but with more of a personal appeal. Deciding upfront what mood you want to evoke is key to delivering the perfect portrait photograph.

Change Your Perspective

Sometimes taking a photograph straight on is the best course of action for the end product you want to create, but simply changing your perspective will transform a portrait photograph in more ways than you can imagine. Create interest with unique angles, for example:

  • Shooting from above with the subject looking up at the camera
  • Shooting from above with the subject looking down or away from the camera
  • Shooting from below with the subject looking out
  • Shooting from the side with the subject turned to face you

There are so many options that can be played with and it’s a matter of finding one that matches the mood created by the location, lighting and composition.

Play With Composition

Any professional photographer worth their salt will use composition as a way to create dimension within their photographs. Some use the rules of composition to frame a perfect shot, others break the rules to create something completely unique. The art lies in knowing when to do what and how to apply it. When it comes to portraits, if they’re being used for professional reasons, applying standard rules of composition will create an accomplished end product.

Experiment With Lighting

Lighting can completely transform a subject in a photograph, and that’s something we always use to stir up a little atmosphere in our portraiture. Side-lighting, backlighting and angling lights from the front all create a completely different mood. Natural light is best, but where that fails, we can rely on technology to help us inject some magic into a space.

Create A Connection With The Subject

The most important element that separates unique portrait photographs from average photos is to connect with your subject. The photographer needs to spark some kind of resonance with the subject or the distance will be visible in the final product. If the subject is nervous or shy, this will be communicated in his or her expression. A photographer needs to make sure that the subject feels perfectly at ease taking a photo so that their full personality can be depicted in the shot.

Find out what it takes to perfect the art of portrait photography by hiring our team to manage your next portraiture requirement. We’d be only too happy to impart our years of experience into realising your brief.

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