Balancing the Art and Business of Photography
professional photography and video production for companies, agencies and corporate clients.
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Balancing the Art and Business of Photography

Balancing the Art and Business of Photography

Balancing the Art and Business of Photography | eimageProfessional photographers often have to walk a tightrope between their own creative sensibilities and the dictates of company culture. As a professional photographer, how can you bring creative flair to a project and create memorable artistic creations while simultaneously respecting clients’ brands and company cultures?

A Clear Interpretation Of The Brief Comes First

As a professional photographer, you often have to interpret clients’ briefs. Clients most often already have a creative vision when they seek the services of a professional photographer. Yet the client might occupy an industry completely unrelated to the visual arts in general and/or photography in particular. As a photographer you thus first need to gather necessary information that will shape the final product. This information includes:

  • The client’s creative culture
  • The client’s brand
  • The client’s target market

Understanding the client’s perspective makes it easier to create a finished product that is an excellent brand fit.

In Professional Photography, Versatility And Adaptability Are Key

When a client has a limited budget for venue, props and other elements, photographers are often stretched to be creative and resourceful. Adapting to poorly lit venues or non-photogenic subject matter is all part of a day’s work. The ability to adapt to sub-optimal conditions is what separates innovative photographers from novices.

Photographers Need To Be Pro Administrators

To balance the art and business of professional photography, photographers need to be adept administrators. Even though photography is a creative process, clients have deadlines and budgets. Organised photographers receive bookings more often because handling the business side smoothly creates peace of mind for clients.

Blending In As An Event Photographer Is Key

Another essential component of balancing the art and business of photography is learning how to blend in. Photographers at events should generally be unobtrusive and should fit in with the occasion. At a black tie event where guests are dressed to the nines, a photographer in torn jeans and a biker jacket looks out of place. Blending in also makes it easier to get candid snaps as you draw less attention to yourself.

The above pointers are essential if you want to make it as a professional photographer and balance art and business. In addition to mastering the business aspect, develop a consistent work ethic and distinctive style because professionalism paired with creativity will bring return clients.

Contact us to find out more about the professional photography services we offer at eimage. We’ve been in the game for decades and have certainly learned through experience.