Videography Vs Cinematography – Is There A Difference?
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Videography Vs Cinematography – Is There A Difference?

Videography Vs Cinematography – Is There A Difference?

Videography Vs Cinematography - Is There A Difference? | eimage

They’re both buzzwords and they speak to very similar roles in the creative field, but is there a difference between videography and cinematography? Yes, there is. However slight it may be; the role of a cinematographer is separate to that of a videographer, although they are sometimes classified together as one. We are specialists in videography, so perhaps this will also help clarify what it is that we do within our day to day business.

Videography Definition

[noun] 1. the art or process of making films with a video camera.

Cinematography Definition

[noun] 1. the art or technique of motion-picture photography.

Historically Speaking…

Back in the day, the main difference between cinematography and videography used to be the quality, in that cinematographers were able to deliver superior quality as opposed to videographers who generally shot on lesser quality equipment. In this day and age, there is a very level playing field between the two as technology and the widespread use of certain apparatus has made it possible for anyone to access fine quality video and cinema equipment.

Now with their match in the quality of equipment and deliverables, cinematography can be found more in the areas of film production, whereas videography is found more in the business or personal environment, conducting work directly for agencies, brands, businesses and events.

The Videography Professional

A videographer is often a lone wolf. An individual who comes with the full package that involves setting up his or her own lighting, perfecting the sound, managing locations, setting the scenes and filming from start to finish. If there is a team involved, it is usually just a small setup team that could be on location to help with lighting but then wouldn’t generally be a part of the shoot. This is not always the case. While a cinematographer will answer to many people within a production, a videographer will more often than not call the shots and determine what is the best way to shoot the project or brief. A videographer also usually edits his or her own work and completes the project in a personal capacity.

The Cinematography Professional

Generally speaking, cinematographers are hired by production houses and they lead a team of other professionals, such as the lighting team, location specialists, sound engineers etc. A cinematographer would also generally work as part of a creative team or film crew. The cinematographer will also report to the director and production manager, and all work carried out must be in line with their visions for the final product. The cinematographer is only responsible for the shooting of the film. The sound, lighting etc is someone else’s responsibility, as is editing the work and managing the final product.

Conclusion: Difference Between Videography And Cinematography

  • Videographers manage their projects from start to finish and are responsible for everything
  • Cinematographers generally only shoot the film and someone else will edit and produce it, manage the sound and lighting etc
  • Videographers generally work alone or in small teams
  • Cinematographers work as part of a large crew
  • A videographer’s client is usually a business, a brand or an agency representing a business
  • A cinematographer more often than not will work directly for a production house

Does that clarify the difference between videography and cinematography? It’s a fine line, but when you walk it – like we do – there is a clear definition.

Talk to us about our videography projects and how they can help you as a business, brand or agency. Our showreel will also speak for us, so take a look below.