Tessa Breiting – PA And Princess Of Precision
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Tessa Breiting – PA And Princess Of Precision

Tessa Breiting – PA And Princess Of Precision

Tessa Breiting | Eimage's PA and Princess Of PrecisionWe’d like to take a moment to introduce you to one of the main reasons why eimage runs like a well-oiled machine: Tessa Breiting. PA to Mr Gareth Gilmour, Tessa is the reason why he still gets to be on location for all the photo shoots that he loves doing. But she is also the reason he sleeps at night, because how does a business run when the boss isn’t around half the time? This is the magic of teamwork at its best and why it’s so important to work with people you know, trust and can rely on. Tessa is one such being, and fortunately she is in the process of growing another human inside her, which means there will be more Tessa-like people running around on this planet in the future.

If you’ve ever had a query for eimage that was dealt with in record time, it was Tessa. If you’ve ever called to request something that was emailed to you within five minutes, it was Tessa. Organised and efficient are adjectives that simply don’t have enough juice to describe just how organised and efficient she is. This is why we absolutely adore her! She always has “our back” – collectively, for each member of our team.

Humble, Honest And Heroic

We could throw in a few more adjectives, but these sum her up quite sufficiently. While she knows she is a rockstar, she’s humble about it and doesn’t think it makes her any more special than the the team she holds so dear. Her honesty and straightforward attitude are the reason things get done so quickly… there’s no time for beating around the bush. Just tell it like it is and don’t take things personally. If only the world could take a page from her book.

Lastly, she is a heroine in our eyes because she pretty much flies around here, metaphoric cape and all, whizzing through her ever-expanding to-do list with grace that is unmatched.

While we have momentary bouts of panic when we think about her going on maternity leave, her trust in us to assume to role of Tessa in her absence is what keeps us going. Plus she has briefed us so competently that we simply cannot fail!

How Could We Ever Repay Her Brilliance?

If we could do one thing for Tessa that would make her shine even more than she already does, it would be to have Office Chair Races down 6th Street in Parkhurst. All surrounding offices invited! She would simply ask to block off an entire street in Parkhurst in the name of fun and camaraderie. All we’d need are some helmets, kneepads and elbow pads… and of course, our office chairs, and we’d be set! Think we should make it happen?

For Tessa we would do anything!