Samantha Dabek – Goddess Of Visual Design
professional photography and video production for companies, agencies and corporate clients.
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Samantha Dabek – Goddess Of Visual Design

Samantha Dabek – Goddess Of Visual Design

Samatha Dabek - Visual Design Goddess | eimageIf you have ever encountered a visual display created by eimage, it’s Samatha Dabek who has translated it from brief to aesthetic appeal. This graphic goddess started out at eimage as our graphic designer and has since evolved into so much more than that. While some of us think in photographs, others think in spreadsheets or numbers, Samantha thinks in colour, perspective, design and creativity. From the moment she walked in the door, we knew she was going to become a part of the eimage family, so much so that we asked her to start working immediately, which is pretty much what she did! That was over a year ago.

Today we value our Sam (affectionately known as Sammy baby junior) for so much more than graphic design. She’s not afraid to try something new, she’s always thinking outside the box and she’s pretty much handling all of our graphic and aesthetic design requirements single-handedly. This is her biggest challenge, but also – we think – one of her most impressive character traits.

Samatha Dabek - Visual Design Goddess | eimage

How Does Sam See eimage In The Future?

She has only great things to say about us, naturally!

“We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to please our clients and make every job we do memorable. We are always updating our software and improving on our technology. We are constantly evolving to better the experience for our clients.”

It’s true, but it sounds so much better when she says it! She also tends to describe eimage as an exciting place to work, while still being reliable and service orientated. She sees her role in all this as one of determination, versatility and helpfulness. This is a vast understatement as we literally would not cope without her… this is a fact.

How Does eimage Contribute To Improving SA?

Any and all businesses should be doing their part to positively impact South Africa, and most of them do through their CSI initiatives. But there are ways to go further, above and beyond the basic requirements to create opportunities for light and positivity to enter in. This is why we love what we do and she gets this!

“We are in the business of capturing unbelievable memories that will last a lifetime, we strive to bring out the life, love and laughter every moment has to offer. As a country clouded by so much negativity, it is our job to capture those moments and the people that make it an amazing place.”

In saying that, Sam is one of those people making South Africa an amazing place. It’s people like her who contribute to lifting people’s spirits, through work but also through mindset. If she could have a wish for South Africa, it would be this:

“I wish for a more compassionate, selfless and loving world for every single living soul. I wish hatred and negativity was a thing of the past and that our hearts and minds were colour-blind, the fact is all lives matter, humans and animal alike, regardless of the bodies we were given.”

Can we all stop for a moment and let that sink in. If she wasn’t our graphics guru we’d insist that she run for president!

The Sam When She’s Not At Work

The Sam outside of work is no different to the Sam in the office – another reason why we love her. She is family and she’s as raw and real as they get. When she’s not at work, she’s either taking her dogs for a walk, doing tai chi on the grass, kickboxing her way to warrior status, or taking some quiet time in her veggie garden with a glass of wine.

If she could ask for one thing to add to her work environment it would be a 3D printer. Why don’t we have a 3D printer, come to think of it? She feels that with the way technology is moving, it would be an asset to the workspace (and perhaps even the business) and she could print 3D models of her designs! We’d like that very much!

Thanks, Sam for taking the time to chat to us.

If you’d like to chat to us about Sam’s amazing graphic design capabilities or any other service for that matter, please drop us a line here and we’ll get back to you asap!