Meet Cazz, Seller Of Photographic Dreams
professional photography and video production for companies, agencies and corporate clients.
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Meet Cazz, Seller Of Photographic Dreams

Meet Cazz, Seller Of Photographic Dreams

Meet Cazz, Seller of Photographic Dreams | eimageIf you could package determination and enthusiasm into a person, it would look like Caryn Cuzen, affectionately known to us as Cazz. Cazz is the sales manager for both eimage professional photographers and our sister company, GlamCam. She also keeps a close eye on our sales teams as a whole, making sure that everyone is getting out there and spreading the good word about our unique and exciting photography services.

Cazz joined us back in our formative days when GlamCam was still under the umbrella of Primedia Unlimited. The rest – as they say – is history. She’s still here five years later and she’s still kicking butt.

If you ask her what she does for a living, she’ll tell you that she sells dreams. And that’s a pretty apt description of how she channels her warm, positive energy into her work. She has found a way to communicate experiences and emotions to our clients, which is why they love her and also how they get to grips with how we really stand out in this space as professional photographers. With a market so flooded, it takes a unique element of magic to stand out from the crowd. We know we have that and Cazz knows exactly how to put it into words.

This is why we love her too!

Cazz translates our essence into movement, into action, into projects and finished products. As a team, we are never afraid to come up with new ideas as well as complement any weird and wonderful ideas that our clients come up with. When it comes to matching the ideas and excitement to an actual deliverable, Cazz fills in the gaps.

If we could ever repay her for her energetic ways, her loyalty and undeniable hard work, it would be to add some more hours to the day so that she’d have more time to enjoy her yoga, pilates and long walks with her dogs. We’d even add more calendar days to the year so that she could take longer holidays! But since that’s kind of impossible, for now we are giving her this small tribute.

Thank you, Caryn, for making eimage the magnificent professional photography powerhouse that it is today.

If you’d like to work with Cazz and buy some of the dreams she sells… pop her a mail right here.