Instagram As A Platform For Professional Photographers
professional photography and video production for companies, agencies and corporate clients.
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Instagram As A Platform For Professional Photographers

Instagram As A Platform For Professional Photographers

Instagram As A Platform For Professional Photographers | eimageWhen it comes to using the web as a platform for your work, there are numerous avenues to choose from. As photographers, the first and foremost choice is Instagram. We speak in pictures. We communicate emotion through light, composition and expression. As lovers of aesthetics and visual appeal, Instagram is the “no words necessary” platform to freely and openly display your work for the world to see.

Instagram As A Platform For Professional Photographers | eimage

Gaining Online Exposure

While our work is all carried out “in the field” so to speak, we do need to promote our worth to the ever-growing world of digital converts. We rely heavily on word of mouth, and this has always brought us some of our best clients who trust that we are who we say we are. But where professional photographers used to pay for an advert in the newspaper, we now resort to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and… of course… Instagram, to show the world what we can achieve within the confines of a brief. So like it or not, Instagram is a part of the modern day photographers arsenal for success, and it looks like it will be for a long time to come.

Instagram As An Outlet For Creativity

If you think about how photographers used to demonstrate their skills and promote their work, it was always through galleries and exhibitions. We relied on people coming to us to see what we could do, and although it offered great exposure, it was nowhere near the kind of exposure we get now within the digital realm. Now professional photographers can have an online store selling prints and canvases of their work. They can have a Facebook page with ecommerce built into it, they can promote through any number of channels, Instagram included, to get some recognition where it’s due.

Does that make it easier as a photographer to get the work you need to nail down in order to survive? Not always. If you’re not 100% au fait with how digital marketing works, you could fall behind photographers even half as talented as you, simply because they know how to promote themselves. But at least it does give you the platform to try. As creative individuals, we can create an online “portfolio” that speaks a thousand words, and sometimes that’s enough. It’s also a great opportunity to show the world what goes on behind the scenes at a photo shoot, or to help people understand the human factor involved in creating a piece of art.

Instagram As A Platform For Professional Photographers | eimage

Making Instagram Work For You

It’s tough competition out there and you’ll often find that professional photographers will follow you, only to get a follow back, not because they’re interested in your work. If you can get past that, you can make Instagram work for you, but you need to engage in your community.

  • If someone makes a positive comment about your work – acknowledge them
  • If someone makes a negative comment about your work – acknowledge them and don’t get precious about it either
  • Follow other photographers and give them the support they also yearn for
  • Follow other non-photographic people and engage them in what you’re doing
  • Encourage those around you and if someone asks for advice, give it freely

It’s not easy. There are so many Instagram accounts flooding the network, and each one of them is looking for some kind of recognition. But with persistence, patience and a professional attitude, you can pull it off. We are slow off the mark, but we will get there eventually!

Are you following eimage on Instagram? You should be. We are showcasing our most incredible work from our years in the business and it really is becoming quite a beautiful portfolio of pieces.

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