Influential Women In Photography – Renelle Rampersad
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Influential Women In Photography – Renelle Rampersad

Influential Women In Photography – Renelle Rampersad

Womens MOnth - Women in Photography In South AfricaThis Women’s Month we thought it imperative to take a moment to recognise the women in our photographic circles. In addition to the brilliant women who work at eimage, there are a number of exceptional professional photographers who we have the honour of working and interacting with. One such professional is Renelle Rampersad.

We chatted to her for a bit to find out more about her background in photography. This is what she had to say.

Personal Info

  • Name: Renelle Rampersad
  • Occupation: Professional photographer
  • Business name: Renelle Rampersad Photography
  • Bio: Freelance photographer
  • Website:

Renelle Rampersad - Womens Month - Women in Photography In South AfricaRenelle got into photography fourteen years ago after studying Fine Art and doing her major in Photography. She always knew this was the direction for her, which is somewhat rare, but totally admirable, because everything she’s accomplished and the business that was born from her passion began with that choice so many years ago. Thankfully, she had the support she required to go forth and make her dreams come true!

“I’m very thankful to my parents for giving me the opportunity to study Fine Art. It also helps to have a supportive husband who understands the freelance life of working evenings and weekends. I can truly say I am happy and living my fullest life.”

She brings her fine art experience to the photos she takes, and maybe that’s her creative edge that sets her apart from other photographers. Photography is also a very physical job, whereby one has to keep fit and able to carry equipment around all day, which is why she also teaches and practices yoga. This helps her maintain her balance as a photographer and also allows her to stay focused on the goal for each project.

Renelle Rampersad - Womens Month - Women in Photography In South Africa

Women In Photography

As a woman in photography, Renelle has noticed that the female contingent in her field has expanded quite rapidly over the years. The number of women in professional photography in South Africa is continuing to grow steadily, and she’s now finding herself working with many like-minded women on various professional shoots. We love that there are more women taking charge of their lives and focusing on making the most of their creative exploits.

Her advice to aspiring female photographers would be:

“Firstly, make sure that it’s a passion and not something you would like to do because its now considered ‘cool’ to be a photographer. Be prepared for lots of hard work, as it’s generally made up of 10% creativity and 90% running a business. As a freelance photographer there are no sick days. You have to answer messages promptly or clients will call the next person on their list. It’s a tough business to be in and you are only as good as your last photograph.”

We love that – “you are only as good as your last photograph”.

Renelle is inspired by her mentor, Mark Lanning, and master photographer, Ansel Adams, and we are equally as inspired by her and her story.