Difference Between Graphic Design And Web Design
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Difference Between Graphic Design And Web Design

Difference Between Graphic Design And Web Design

Difference Between Graphic Design And Web Design | eimageGraphic designers and web designers are often bundled together into the same creative role, but there are some vast distinctions between the two and each serves a unique and individual purpose. Don’t know if you need a web designer or a graphic designer for your brief? Let’s define the differences between the roles for you.

Definition Of Graphic Design


1. the art or profession of visual communication that combines images,words, and ideas to convey information to an audience, especially to produce a specific effect.

Definition Of Web Designer

1. a person who plans, designs, creates, and often maintains websites.

Main Role Of A Graphic Designer

If you consider the definition, a graphic designer is responsible for creating aesthetics, imagery, typography and layouts that can be used for multiple applications. Graphic designers used to create visuals for all offline media before the advent of the Internet, but now the work of a graphic designer can often overlap into the web-based world too. Often graphic designers assist in creating the visuals that are used in web design, so there is a close correlation there.

From our point of view, we design anything and everything that can complement a client’s requirements. From invitations, to emails, to web layouts to brochures and printed material, banners and complete activations. Making things visually appealing and using imagery to speak volumes is our main goal and we achieve this on a multitude of media platforms.

Main Role Of A Web Designer

While graphic designers and web designers may work close at hand, a web designer is responsible for creating the actual visual layout of a website from the visuals that drive the pages down to the navigation and buttons. Web designers don’t always get involved in the development that makes the website work, but often you’ll find web designers that are capable of all the technical aspects of creating a website too. Web designers can also be involved in creating digital templates, such as HTML emails and brochures.

The primary difference between graphic designers and web designers is the medium they work with. Web designers need to create web experiences that are suitable for users and Google, while graphic designers focus only on creating lasting visual experiences that measure up to the brief.

Does that answer the question for you?

Now, if you’re looking for top-class graphic design, our resident graphic designer has been championing her area of expertise for quite some time and she’d love to extend her skills your way.

Contact us today to discuss how we can use graphic design to suit your requirements.