Best Visual Content For Your Marketing Campaigns
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Best Visual Content For Your Marketing Campaigns

Best Visual Content For Your Marketing Campaigns

Visual content can speak louder than words, this is something we know and it’s becoming ever more prevalent in a world where information is so freely available. We can communicate in pictures. We always have since the beginning of time. We speak in emoticons. We replicate our moods with memes. So why aren’t we marketing in the same ways? Well, we are… but we can do it better.

So what types of visual content do you share on a regular basis? Have you considered visual content in your marketing strategy for 2018? Are you focused on creating exceptional article content, but miss the boat when pairing it with thought-provoking visuals?

Best Visual Content For Your Marketing Campaigns

“Articles with an image once every 75-100 words got double the number of social shares than articles with fewer images.” Source: BuzzSumo, 2015

If that’s not thought-provoking then we’re not sure what is. These are our top picks for visual content that has the potential to persuade and engage.

Image Content

Imagery is the most obvious and well used form of visual content that works every time. Think Instagram, think Pinterest, think about your Facebook feed and what grabs your attention first. Is it the beautiful image or the block of text that stands out? Image content captivates as much as an inspirational quotation. Used to break up large chunks of content or to supplement an idea, image content is your first port of call when investing in a substantial visual marketing campaign.

The key with image content is to try and craft your own unique look, which is best done by getting your photographs taken by a professional team. Stick with one look and feel, one filter, one mood and one style. If your thing is black and white photographs, then be consistent with it. If you use text on your images, then choose one typeface and stick with it. Sometimes all you need is the placement of your logo and relevant branding (see all our examples here).

Best Visual Content For Your Marketing Campaigns

Video Content

Video content is probably the best way for brands to educate their consumers as well as keep them engaged in what they’re selling (even if it’s simply information). Think about all the brands you follow on Facebook or Instagram and then think about how you are fed their content. A lot of influencers on Facebook and Instagram post video content on a daily basis, keeping their followers and fans up to speed with their work, but also making sure that nobody strays from their domain.

Video content is not only limited to actual YouTube or Vimeo uploads, but goes further into Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook stories. These have sent viewership through the roof and are often how followers stay in touch with what’s happening with a brand’s circle.

Again, by having something unique to share, you are able to garner the attention of your audience. What is your unique selling point when it comes to video content? Are you doing something different? Do you have a specific angle or are you simply pressing record and hoping for the best?

Nudge, nudge… we are expert videographers. We’re always here waiting for incredible opportunities to help brands solve their user’s problems or answer their user’s questions by way of a simple, effective and beautiful portrayed video.

Best Visual Content For Your Marketing Campaigns


Who doesn’t love a meme? Everyone has their favourite meme and they are such a fun and colourful way to communicate. Don’t know what a meme is? Here’s Hootsuite’s definition:

“A meme is a funny image, video, or piece of text that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by internet users.” – Hootsuite

So many brands don’t actually realise that this is a brilliant avenue for visual content creation that is so easy to create and implement. The trickiest part is finding memes that can align with your brand and then using them in a way that’s not offensive or that comes across as inappropriate.


Infographics are the absolute business for taking mounds of data and converting it into a usable, readable and easy to digest piece of visual content. End of year financials can be best summarised with a beautiful infographic. If you have a substantial piece of content that needs to be dished out to your audience, shareholders or peers, you can summarise the gist of the information with a beautiful infographic. Core insights, numbers, statistics and – as we already mentioned – data were all made to be transformed into infographics. You simply haven’t realised it yet!

Best Visual Content For Your Marketing Campaigns

How are you carrying your visual marketing strategy into 2018? If you haven’t even thought about it then perhaps we should chat.

Drop your details on our contact form and we will do the rest.

Thanks for listening!