Masimba Sasa – eimage Photographer Extraordinaire
professional photography and video production for companies, agencies and corporate clients.
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Masimba Sasa – eimage Photographer Extraordinaire

Masimba Sasa – eimage Photographer Extraordinaire

Masimba Sasa | eimage Photographer | eimage

Masimba Sasa is a member of the eimage team of photographers who is proving more and more that he is a born artist. His keen eye for detail and for managing to capture personality is a quality trait that can’t be learnt… it’s something that you’re lucky to nurture if you’ve chosen this career path. Hailing from Zimbabwe, he studied at the Harare Polytechnic and then was fortunate to receive a bursary to study further in Johannesburg. He studied Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the Market Photo Workshop, starting there in 2005 and completing his studies by the following year.

His photography journey has been inspired by many a professional, with specific mention of Nadav Kander, Joey L & Jeremy Cowart. All of these professional photographers have a passion for portraiture and that’s something that you can pick up in Masimba’s work. He is fascinated by portraiture and capturing the essence of his subjects.

In terms of his areas of focus, Masimba finds himself bouncing between photojournalism, documentary photography and portrait photography. We all know where he’d like to maintain his focus, but he enjoys all elements of his career equally. When he’s not working, he’s actively improving on what he delivers by looking for inspiration on the Internet or spending time with other creatives and sharing ideas.

When looking back over the jobs Masimba has carried out with eimage, he thinks fondly of two in particular where he was able to build relationships with the clients that went beyond him being a service provider:

  • The first was where he had the opportunity of shooting a CSI event in the rural Eastern Cape (images below top row, middle row and bottom left)
  • The second was another CSI job he did for Investec that lasted almost two weeks (bottom right)

Masimba’s advice to aspiring photographers:“I would say there is no formula to succeeding in photography. Each person’s path and journey is different and you have to accept where you are and allow yourself to grow and evolve as a person and as an artist.” 

Pretty inspiring, don’t you think? Masimba has his finger on the button and there’s no doubt that he’ll be making waves within the world of South African photography soon. We are thrilled to have him as a member of our team.

To book Masimba Sasa or one of our professional photographers for a shoot, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.