Evolutionary Logo Design
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Evolutionary Logo Design

Evolutionary Logo Design


As Matthews Hale said “A company’s logo is its shorthand, a visual cue thattells a story of the brand’s culture, behaviour and values”

Many start-up’s and existing companies would read this quote and skip over to the next thing on the “to-do list”, there’s a lot to consider when stamping a design on something that is going to visually communicate your STORY, your CULTURE, your BEHAVIOUR and your VALUES!

Just to add another bead of sweat to the start-up’s brow, the word “Brand” is derived from the old branding mark (logo) burned on livestock which amplifies the importance logo design has on the visual communication of your brand. Your logo defines you in every way, it also distinguishes you in a world where information is delivered more visually than ever before and some clients are making buying decisions based more on how they feel about you, than how your product is differentiated from your competitor.


We have established that logo design is vitally important and the journey that is design will see a collaboration of ideas between the vision the business has of itself and the visual translation by the designer creating “The Logo”.

As your business evolves so should your logo and brand to align with a rapidly changing business environment. Many of the world’s leading brands had logos on start-up that will be unrecognisable today to most consumers.evolutionThere are many aspects that enhance the way consumers will find your business and as we enter the world of AI (artificial Intelligence) designers are having to relook at fonts and styles to make finding your logo easier for Google’s AI, just as important as over 70% of the internet is now consumed by video content, shouldn’t your logo be animated? Logo animation is an essential part of your logos evolution, your logo should be a living, breathing emblem of who you are and what you represent.logo-evolution

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